LausDeo Ministeries is a response to Our Lady’s call to prayer and holiness.

We offer to people a chance to experience a time in Community life. Community has long been recognised as a means of growing spiritually. This can be a real time of transformation and healing. It is also an opportunity to establish a prayer life and to study Scripture and the Catechism.

God is calling : Sometimes people come to St Jude’s because they have experienced a recent conversion and want to learn more about living the Catholic faith. The focus is on prayer service and evangelisation.

Prayer: Eucharist, Adoration, Divine Office, Rosary, Lectio Divina, Way of the Cross. Moving through the Church’s seasons together celebrating the feasting days, persevering through the fasting days. “Let us encourage one another!”

Service: offering hospitality to the guests staying at St. Jude’s yes that does mean lots of washing up pealing spuds

Evangelisation: Taking part in missions to schools / Parish mission ect, helping with prayer retreats and events and pilgrimages or sharing your story with a guest over a cup of tea,