Prayer Request

I sent a request last week and within HOURS felt the peace that can only come from God, it was amazing. Your ministry is truly anointed. I thank God for it, even as I myself struggle with Catholicism and forgiveness. Again, thank you for your faithfulness and may the good Lord continue to bless you and your ministry abundantly in Jesus’ Most Precious and Holy Name.

Prayer Request

My name is Kathy and for all of my life I have always been a very unhappy and troubled, woman. Trouble followed me.. at school, jobs, in relationships.

I turned to drugs, drank a lot, had terrible self- hatred and always felt very empty and confused about life and what my purpose was in this world. I had a bad childhood where I grew up very troubled and felt so unloved by my family. I was suicidal too many times to mention….and  tried about 5 times to kill myself, I visited a very dark places indeed… I didn’t think anyone really cared about me. I saw many counsellors, psychiatrists and none of it really helped for any length of time … Since I came on a Inner Healing Ministries Retreat.. There was so many others there with soul wounds, traumas and spiritual problems.  I was not alone ..What overwhelmed  me was  the fact that people, strangers really, wanted to help me make my life better. They had the love of Jesus Christ within them and are allowing Jesus Christ to work through them. They took time out of their day to help me and really, truly listen to your feelings and problems. Who does this these days? Very few…….

I am so grateful to the introduction ,I cannot stress enough that if you just give it a go, you won’t regret it. If you are like how I was, empty and alone and afraid, you will never look back after visiting this ministry.                                   ************************

Dear Brendan.. I went to the healing service… Thank you for blessing me and helping me through a difficult week. My sister … passed away on December 23 of cancer. I truly believed that your healing service helped myself and her family to let her go and be with Jesus, Thank you and God Bless you.”


“I was so excited after the healing service I drove home and brought my husband back before the service ended. At that time he had recently been diagnosed with HepC. Since then he has no signs of the virus in his system which has the doctors baffled. He remains on a regiment of medications as precautionary measure for another 4 months. I am grateful that the Lord has chose to work miracles through you.”


Your visit here … left such an impression on me. I remember receiving your blessing during your talk but I was so moved and enlightened by your prayer,  and your words of advice.

My life, unfortunately, has taken quite a turn in the time since you were. … The only thing that has gotten me through all this, is my faith, prayer and GOD!

And I want to tell you, I was MEANT to find you ..I can’t tell you how much you inspired me. Thank you so much for your ability to communicate, and simplify things and  to pray and to share those prayers with others…

I am a lost and  very confused soul right now. Injured, hurting and full of despair. I thank God everyday for my faith and what HE has given me in my life – – the roses and the thorns…

Bless you  and thank you for your inspiration – – and for “Speaking from the Heart


Thank you so very much for being an instrument of God’s love. I was BLESSED on Saturday when you prayed over me. I felt strong and happy and loved. It really felt as though the love of God was upon me and your beautiful smile felt as though it was the smile of Jesus. Praise to God for his blessings and praise God for your faithfulness.”I attended your healing service in Brays Catholic Church on …. I was brought up Catholic but i have never had a strong faith, though I’ve tried harder since I have been married to my wife almost 6 years now.

The point I’m finally getting to, is that when I went up to receive a blessing from you for my eczema and not to hate anymore, your eyes were so joyful. I hope this isn’t out of line, or stupid, but at that very moment I swear I saw God in your eyes. There was this expression of such vibrant joy in your eyes that I have never seen in anyone before and I felt that joy physically touch me.

So I wanted to say thank you and to ask for your continued prayers. I particularly ask that you please pray for my wife and I to be able to have children.

Thank you. I feel happier, I feel a better person for having met you.

I have never written these words before, but God bless you.

Many thanks,


I am amazed at the power and love that God has for us all! I went to your service yesterday at … and received a deep spiritual healing. After I fell I heard a beautiful male voice speaking to me in a different language and felt a deep peace that I still have. All I can say is thank you God, thank you God, thank you God! He is so great and I can feel such a love for him now.”


My Story of Inner Healing

Brendan This happened some time ago and it only now I want to thank you for beening an instrument of Christ …

I don’t know if you remember me .

I had been working through memories of childhood sexual abuse with my councillor , my perpetrator is my father. I have been so ashamed to admit this, How my father would do these things to me !. The trauma was so deep and hard to access that my psychiatrist sent me to Hypno- therapist to see if we could get any head way. This memory had been buried for many years and I was so afraid i thought if I started digging around I might completely fall apart, “you know” ! I look in a mirror and I see ME but there is no one home, this separation distending of my own self from me “if that makes sense ”! WAS EATING ME ALIVE

However, the Lord showed me better.

With the hypno-therapist I retrieved only the tip of the memory and it took 7 years digging getting no where before I found myself at one of your open days .With my Bible in hand I just intended to pray and just sit with the Lord and ask for help and guidance. I didn’t intend to open up to you..i felt assured as you spoke. You were so gentle and exuded such empathy for me. I told you the pieces had just then come together for me as you were talking and as I lessoned to what was going on , you very gently asked me to tell my story of the abuse. I began by sharing the event that brought back the memory of the abuse.

I was in a department store and saw a pair of summer shorts on the rail and they were popular in the seventies and I could not take my eyes off them.

Soon I remembered that that is what he was wearing when my father raped me. Oh yeah- and my read t-shirt with my leather sandals and the gold rings. And I know in my gut that I was seventeen. What a revelation considering I couldn’t remember anything for 7 years. You asked am I ready to allow Jesus here. I was ready to let Jesus heal this traumatic memory.

You asked if I had invited Jesus to be part of my prayer for healing. You suggested that I go back to the time and place where my father abused me and be attentive to the presence of Jesus. I did that and I asked Jesus where he was during this assault. Jesus very softly whispered in my ear that he was at the head of my bed. I could see Jesus lay his head on my chest and put his arm around the back of my head. And the healing began.

In all of my healings I was so surprised to know that Jesus was actually there!!!! He knew everything!!! Taking time to feel him there released the intense pain and began the healing process. What a first step!

After the assault I went it my wardrobe and stayed there until my eyes had dried up. Jesus was in the wardrobe too and for the first time I could fell him there with me.

The bible says, “Cast all your cares upon him for he cares for you”

I felt such shame about this event but after this prayer for inner healing it was all gone. There is no condemnation in Jesus’ presence but only pure love and acceptance. His love healed the deep pains and freed me to live in peace.

It is so exciting to know that this kind of healing of memories is accessible to anybody in our congregation and beyond. Christ wants our healing and he wants us to live an abundant life.

He is working in our church and community. He is so wonderful, so compassionate, so merciful – PRAISE THE NAME OF THE LORD FOREVER!!!


Prayer Request

I sent a prayer request last month on behalf of my 15 year old daughter … who suffers from bipolar disorder and she improved greatly within 24 hours of receiving a response. I told her about this beautiful intercession and she was so grateful and amazed.

Prayer Request

Hi Brendan, peace be with you. Hope you are well and escaping all the ‘flu s and bugs. There seems to be a few germs making the rounds. Medjugorje seems a long way away and yet it is still fresh in the memory, a blessed time with many consolations.

I must thank you for your praying over me; it was/is obvious that you are blessed with great charisms and the Lord is woriking through you in a powerful way. I didn’t ask for anything in particular as you will remember. The fact is that I’ve had a series of illnesses, two spinal ops, a gastrectomy, because I was given the wrong medication, and at the moment I have cancer of the lymph glands, but it is non-aggressive.

So you must admit it sound like the Book of Job!!

But I recall you placed your hands on my ears, and your hands were very hot; so I left it to the Lord to work on me as He wanted. The great thing is that for nearly a fortnight now I haven’t needed to resort to the hearing aids. God be praised !. So as Sister Briege McKenna says “the age of miracles is not over”. I do spend time in prayer, but the only One who knows its value, if any, is the Lord Himself. As always we have to walk in Faith, and that is a great and valuable gift to possess.

I hope you don’t mind me contacting you, but you are in my prayers because you are to bring great peace and blessings to many people, and that can be very demanding. Brendan take care and may the Lord and His holy Mother strengthen and fortify your love and goodness.

All good wishes,

Fr John

I am not very good at writing but I want to tell you that I have been healed of Emphysema. Emphysema is along-term, progressive disease of the lungs that causess shortness of breath. I had to carry around oxygen with me all the time I couldn’t walk up my own stairs with out stopping at least once and its only 14 steps. I have been on inhalers nebulizers oxygen and pill after pills for years. But no more it’s gone I am complete healed I can even go down town get my own groceries. People are amazed. I can even walk my dog . I have my life back it’s a miracle.I was facing Near certain death but now I have my full health thank you Jesus and thank you for your ministry Brendan

I pray for you everyday

God Bless you


I just want to say While at the prayer meeting when you were speaking. How even now the Lord is healing and to become aware of any change that may be happing in our bodies and in our mind.

To become aware of any sensation that might be happing even heat. Become aware of any gentle changes in your body to become aware! Allow the HolySpirit.. feel the stillness.. even the sadness.

I felt you were looking directly at me and I was fill with a sense of grief and tried desperately to hold myself together people were going up for one on one prayer with you. I held myself together and I went up, I was all over the place inside. I felt a state, you said I am welcome and i felt that welcome and you asked what’s the matter ?

Its ok, Jesus is here. That made me ok, you placed your hand on my head and prayed. You said allow the Holy Spirit into my mind and heart. You then picked up your Bible and said I have a word here and it’s from Matthew. Would I like to read it.? Well I was in no state to read anything as there was stream of tears flowing from my eyes.

Matthew26:75 Then Peter remembered the word Jesus had spoken: “Before the rooster crows,you will disown me three times.” And he went out side and wept bitterly. With this I went into convulsions and crying insistently. You said it’s ok to let it all out let go, breath out all the shame and guilt and remorse don’t hold onto it anymore. Jesus is here with you and he doesn’t want you to carry this Stuff around with you anymore. Breath it out, give it all now to Jesus. I started to cough up and I was so embarrassed but you said it is ok just let it out, Jesus wants to free you. Don’t swallow it anymore. After I had finished spluttering I felt so much better. I felt lighter and at peace. You know I had to deny Jesus because it wasn’t socially accepted with the “friends” I hung around with and I went against all my believes I did some horrible things just to fit in and I hated my self for this.The fact that I had turned my back on my Jesus and I hated myself for it so much, Because Jesus was my friend and I loved my Jesus. BUT NOW

Jesus has set me Free from my guilt. A guilt I did not know I was even carrying around. I now am free to be open not just about my faith. But free in my life. I praise and thank Jesus for bring you. Thank you and God Bless you and your family for everything


I would like to thank you for what you have done for me. I have had a trapped nerve in the left hand side of my neck and the pain would run down from behind my ear to my elbow, it has been like this for at least eighteen months and as a result it has affect my whole life, not getting proper sleep, unable to go out and do the everyday activates, unable to work as I am a secretary, i was unable to type for any period of time. I have been to the doctor on so many occasions, I have had so many different types of injections from cortisone injections and steroid injections to try and sort it out. In the end my only option was to have surgery. I had a date for my surgery. Everything was in place for this to happen. I had myself-geared up ready to go. I was looking at twelve weeks out of work with little income. But praise be to Jesus I am healed Brendan since you prayed for healing for me that night at the prayer meeting. I have had. no pain, no stiffness, nothing !

It was like it was never there !

Thank you for the prayer !

I want to shout from the roof tops !

Jesus is alive and He heard my plea and He healed me. And now I pray that Jesus will send more people to you.

Love, Olive


When I first arrived at the sister’s house there was a great hive of activity going on in the church. When I asked one of the sisters what was going on, I was told that Brendan was praying for healing with everyone. When I stood in the back of the church, I saw you praying over people and you were also speaking to people. When you were finished, I saw you put your hand on their heads and people were falling over. Some people were crying, some were just standing there, like if there were in a trance . I wasn’t going up near you ! This is a “sham” . I thought to myself , but sister said to go up and get some prayer. I went up reluctantly and you said to relax and that this is Jesus here present in front of us on the alter, to just place all my fears and worries here in front of Jesus. “Ya right, Bull ! ”. You said : ” I am just going to make a sign of the cross on your forehead and say a prayer over you”. Nothing was happening. I was standing looking at the round thing on the altar where Jesus is. You took your hand off my forhead and you said : “did you get a belt in the eye?” I was speech less ! You couldn’t have known that. My whole story just came babling out of me. You couldn’t have known that I had had a big blow up at work In which I got into a fight with the boss and I had lost my job. You couldn’t have known about my eye and how I had got that blow to the eye and that the retina in my left eye had become detached and the vision was grey and blurry. You began to say that Lord created the world and its beauty to be admired in the eye of the beholder. Trust in the Lord and you will see the beauty of the rainbow.

TWO DAYS later after a rain shower there it was ! The most wonderful and beautiful rainbow in all its splendid COLOUR ! I cried, and as i cried I felt the Lords presence within me. It was so wonderfull ! I just wanted to say : ” Thank you Lord for this prayer”.