Laus Deo – Inner Healing & Deliverance Ministeries



To Jesus … The darkest depth of the human heart and mind are as clear as the pages of a book lying open in the sunlight… He knows us through and through… And Loves us as deeply as he knows us… Don’t try and hide…Simply place your life in the hands that fashioned you… and allow Jesus to lead you in the path of life…

When we speak about healing the first taught that often comes to mind is Physical Healing.. But there is also another type of healing ,this is of the human spirit  mind and soul .The lord teaches us how to touch these hidden places of the heart …with His love ….once we allow His love to touch the deepest memories and scars left by Traumas… Betrayal … Abandonment.. Rejection… and… Violence… …

The Inner Healing Ministry was given to us by Jesus, it is a concrete way of saying that God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit cares for us….He loves us and we are the people  he loves..

Laus Deo Ministries seek to aid the recovery of people, from the suffering scourge of painful Memories, past Hurts and even Addictions. The ethos of Laus Deo is Christian in every character and seeks to follow in the guidance of the Holy Spirit and general principles of care which would have been used by Jesus Christ himself when dealing with people in need.


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